What better way to experience the fabulous Budapest nightlife for a backpacker than to go on a tour of the ruin bars of this great city. No Budapest pub crawl is complete without visiting a ruin bar, but only AllNightCrash has a pub crawl dedicated entirely to the different ruin bars that this city has. These places are where the artists, college students, hipsters and other more intellectual walks of life go for a pint, and it is also the bars that bring the travellers, backpackers, expat communities and vagabonds together.

With our ruin bar tours, we will take you to 4 or 5 of these establishments, and ones that are active on the given night, so you can indulge yourself in some very pleasant company, while seeing something completely new and different. The exteriors are usually well, run down a bit, but the interiors are lavishly decorated in a surrealist vein, and utilising the ubiquitous pre-war furnishings, decorations and accessories that are easy to find in this city, to create an atmosphere that both recalls the past and holds something for the future, creating an inimitable atmosphere that was invented and is only used by these places. They must be seen to be believed, so why not come with us and we will show you!

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