A six-pack for women is just the hype! Stars post their bellies defined – just like countless models around the world. But what the men saying? We wanted to know, so we asked a few man at erotikus munka.
„Sixpack for a women? For me is too much! I prefer the middle thing. A flat, athletic toned tummy. Abs like building blocks for women are anything but female. And femininity is eventually nice! ”
Steven, 24
„I find a six-pack for women nice if there is a ‘female’ Sixpack. That is flat stomach, easily defined muscle attachment. If it is too extreme (in this example image, however, not the case), then I’m missing something, the ‘femininity’”
Dorien, 35,
„Slim body are of course always nice to look at, but that’s too crass. Six-packs are somehow unfeminine and remember to bodybuilding. Not my world. ”
Marcus, 40
„I find this body super. Even the six-pack looks good. But much more muscle you shouldn’t obtain. Otherwise it looks like a man. ”
Eric, 33
„I used the six-pack admired in my He-Man figures, later in the cinema to Rocky. Perhaps it is because of this socialization, that I can not get anything femine at six-pack. I don’t find it sexy in any case. ”
Fabian, 42
And, now we have no more desire on the super defined belly? But! Firstly the guys have indeed reservations, but can apparently get used to the only indicated Sixpack (yay!). And secondly it is ultimately about how we feel sexy.